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1989 In the beginning: the demogroup Ultra Force

The demogroup Ultra Force was started in 1989 by a group of computer enthusiasts. The groups main mission was to push the PC to its limits with graphics and sounds. During the years Ultra Force created many demos and several applications (see demos section).

The group also started the Ultra Force BBS. After the release of the Sound Blaster card a second BBS was started: the Sound Blaster BBS. Finally the PC could play samples and really start to compete with the, then, demo power machine the Commodore Amiga. The BBS was filled with demos and sound related software; it was online successfully from 1989 to 1996 with tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world.

1992 First commercial steps: Ultra Force Development

In 1992 the first commercial activities were started, the creation of commercial demonstrations. For this two members of the group started the small company Ultra Force Development. These commercial demonstrations can also be found at the demos section.

1992 The second company: Interactive Vision, Sound and Game Engineering

Next to the creation of the first commercial demonstrations another activity was started, the creation of Ultra Forces first publication: The Sound Blaster Book published by Sybex; originally in Dutch, but later translated to French, German and English. This book was written by two other members of the demogroup and to make things easy a second company was started called "Interactive Vision, Sound and Game Engineering" or "I-VISAGE".

1999 the company Ultra Force Development stops

During the years some members went on to study while others started to work at full time jobs. Slowly the demogroup died a quiet death. In the end the commercial activities of the Ultra Force Development company were almost non-existent, so it was decided by the two owners to unbind the Ultra Force Company. The company I-VISAGE by two other members was still active.

2000 I-VISAGE stops and is reborn as the new Ultra Force Development company

I-VISAGE went through several changes and took over the Ultra Force Development name. So with the change of the millennium I-VISAGE died, but Ultra Force Development was reborn!


Below is an alphabetically sorted list of all members of the Ultra Force demogroup:

NameActivityLife after the demogroup
Arjan Brussee coding Created the successful Jazz Jackrabbit series and worked at Guerrilla Games
Bram Graveland coding Created a commercial sound blaster application Tetra compositor and then went on to study.
Eric Oostendorp coding & graphics After a study and several years of working for other companies, started his own company XXL E-Design.
Eric Soonius PR & business developer Went on to work in the IT sector; his personal page.
Josha Munnik coding Studied computer science at the University and now owns the company Ultra Force Development.
Michel Hooymans graphics After a study moved to the big city and likes to work with virtual money ;) In his spare time he likes to make cartoons, homepage: bagagedrager.nl.
Remco de Berk coding & BBS operator Turned to developing software, had his own company OneDev for a while and currently works at the IT department of a big company.
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